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Getting Started With UML Modeling









Quickstart Tutorial




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User Interface




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Simple steps to setup your modeling environment.

Master the Enterprise Architect basics with the quick start tutorial. From creating a project to modify element properties.

Quick access to a range of context-specific task guides in a number of specific work areas, such as Getting Started, Modeling or Testing

The Enterprise Architect Menus, Windows, Toolbars and customizations all explained!

Rapidly control the Modeling Environment and common functions with Enterprise Architects Keyboard Accelerators.





This guide helps you to understand the options available when you start Enterprise Architect, and to quickly gain an understanding of how to use these options to create models.

Getting Started

Learning Activities


After starting Enterprise Architect, use the Quick Start tutorial to immediately create a project


A Quickstart Tutorial

Read about work areas applicable to certain Project Roles


Project Roles

Review the Enterprise Architect User Interface, or workspace


Enterprise Architect User Interface

At various points throughout the Enterprise Architect User Guide, there are further Quick Start topics and sections to help you use the system immediately to experiment with a feature of the system. Use the Help Index tab and search for Quick Start to locate these topics.

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