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If you have any elements that you or your team use frequently - such as the list of Actors in a system - you can add them to the Favorites folder in the Resources window, and use that as the source for conveniently dragging and dropping instances of or links to these elements into other diagrams. This makes it much easier to locate and use the elements as you create and manage your model.


Access     View | Resources | Favorites

Actions on the Favorites Folder



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Add an element to the Favorites Folder

·In a diagram, right-click on the element to add
·From the context menu select the Find | Add to Favorites option
·Switch to the Resources window and expand the Favorites folder; the added element is listed within its element-type category (such as Class)

You add elements to the Favorites folder individually.


Finding Elements

Delete an element from the Favorites Folder

·Right-click on the element within the Favorites folder in the Resources window
·From the context menu select the Delete Favorite option
·A confirmation prompt displays; click on the Yes button


View Properties of an element in the Favorites Folder


·Select and right-click on the element in the folder
·From the context menu, select the Element Properties option; the element Properties dialog displays



·When you have had the Favorites folder open for some time and other users might have been adding to it, right-click on the folder name and select the Refresh Favorites option to update your view of the folder with the new contents

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