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Add Elements Directly To Packages

You can quickly add new elements to a Package without necessarily adding the element to a diagram at the same time. This is particularly useful in defining a group of Requirements, Changes, Issues, base Classes or other element types that you might not need  to represent on diagrams in the model. You do, however, still have the option of adding the element to an open diagram.

Access    Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Add Element     (Ctrl+M)
In diagram, press M

Add an element to a Package



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Type the name of the element.




As an alternative to typing in the name, click on this button to insert predefined auto-counter text.

If you already have some text in the Name field, it is over-written by the auto-counter text.


Set Auto Naming and Auto Counters


Click on the drop-down arrow and select the required element type from the list.

The list of element types is derived from the diagram or technology shown in the Toolset field.




Shows the current UML diagram type, Profile, Add-In or MDG Technology within which you are creating the element.



Toolset (button)

If the Toolset is not appropriate for the type of element you want to create, click on this button and select the required diagram type or technology.

The <default> group in the list provides a basic set of elements drawn from across the UML Behavioral and Structural groups, and the Enterprise Architect Extended groups.

The selected technology is displayed in the Toolset field.




If required, either type the stereotype name or click on the drop-down arrow and select the stereotype.

This field is not available if the element you are creating is an extended element that already has a stereotype.



Add to current diagram

This checkbox is available if you have a diagram open and you are working from the Project Browser.

The checkbox defaults to selected to add the new element to the diagram also; if you do not want the element in that diagram, deselect the checkbox.

If you accessed this dialog by pressing the M key on the open diagram, this checkbox is not available. The element is automatically added to the diagram, in the top left corner.




Click on this button to create the element and close the dialog.

If you accessed this dialog by pressing the M key in an open diagram, clicking this button will create the element in the top left corner of the diagram, and the dialog remains open so that you can create another element.



Save and Exit

Available if you have accessed this dialog by pressing the M key on an open diagram.

Click on this button to create the element and close the dialog.




Click on this button to abort the changes and close the dialog without creating an element.




·The New Element dialog also displays when you create an element in the Specification Manager, if the Specification Type is <Any>


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