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Create Maintenance Item From Test

If an element fails a test, one likely consequence is that a Defect (Issue) item has to be raised in model maintenance to correct the problem. You can generate this Defect item directly from the test that failed.

Access    Select element | Element | Testing | <test class> | right-click on test in list | Create a Maintenance Defect from this test   or
Select element | Element | Element Browser (Alt+9) > Testing folder | right-click on test | Create a Maintenance Defect from this test

Create a Maintenance item from a test



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The system immediately creates the Defect item and displays a confirmation message box.

Click on the OK button to clear the message.




Open the Maintenance window (Element | Maintenance | Defects).

The tab shows a Defect item having the same name as the test. The Description, Input, Acceptance Criteria and Results texts from the test are all displayed in the Defect's Description tab under separate headings.




Complete the Defect item as necessary - you might provide values for the Reported By, Status and Priority fields.

Create Maintenance Items



·You can create Maintenance Defect items from several Test items at once; press and hold Shift as you select the Test items, and then right-click and proceed as above - each selected Test item then generates a Defect item

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