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The script console is a tab of the Scripting window. It is a command line interpreter with which you can quickly enable a script engine and enter commands to act on the script.

You type the commands in the field at the bottom of the tab; when you press the ( Enter )  key, the script console executes the commands and displays any output immediately.

You can input two types of command:

  • Console commands
  • Script commands


Console Commands

Console commands are preceded by the ! character and instruct the console to perform an action. The available console commands are listed below; to list these commands on the Console tab itself (as shown above) type ? in the console field (without the preceding ! character) and press ( Enter )

  • c(lear) - clears the console display
  • sa(ve) - saves the console display to a file
  • h(elp) - prints a list of commands, as for ?
  • VB - opens a VBScript console
  • JA - opens a JavaScript console
  • JS - opens a JScript console
  • st(op) - closes any script running console
  • i(nclude) name - executes the named script item; name is of the format GroupName.ScriptName (spaces are allowed in names)
  • ? - (without the !) lists commands
  • ?name - Outputs the value of a variable name (only if a script console is opened)


Script Commands

A script command is script code that depends on the script engine. Script commands can be executed only once a script console has been created.


The following lines, entered into the console, create a VBScript console and then execute the script MyScript in the user group MyGroup.


>!i MyGroup.MyScript

The following lines, entered into the console, create a JScript console and then create a variable called x with the value 1.


>var x = 1

The following image shows the result of entering the above JScript example. Remember that you can use ?<variable name> to get the current value of any item you have created during the console session.



Console Tab Toolbar

The Console tab has two operations available through the toolbar:

  • Open Console (Runscript) - click on the down-arrow and select to open a VBScript console, JScript console or JavaScript console
  • Stop Script ( Stopscript) - click to stop an executing script and close the current console.



  • This facility is available in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions