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Script Group Properties




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The Script Group Properties dialog enables you to set the following properties of the script group:

  • Name - The name of the script group; the dialog also displays the automatically-assigned GUID of the group
  • Group Type - The type of scripts contained in the group; this can be one of:
  • Normal - (newNormalGroup) Ordinary scripts
  • Project Browser - (newProjBrowserGroup) Scripts that are listed in and can be executed from the Project Browser Scripts context menu option
  • Workflow - (newWorkflorGroup) Scripts executed by Enterprise Architect's workflow engine; you can create only VB scripts of this type
  • Search - (newSearchGroup) Scripts that can be executed as model searches; these scripts are listed in the Search field of the Model Search window, in the last category in the list
  • Diagram - (newDiagramGroup) Scripts that are listed in and can be executed from the Scripts submenu of the Diagram context menu
  • Notes - Your own notes on the script group

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