Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Transform Elements

There are two modes for initiating a Model Transformation, each of which can be started in two ways.


To transform selected elements on a diagram:   Tools | Model Transformation (MDA) | Transform Selected Elements
                                                                                        Class context menu | Transform   (Ctrl + H)

To transform elements in the package currently selected in the Project Browser:

                                                                                        Tools | Model Transformation (MDA) | Transform Current Package
                                                                                        Project Browser package context menu | Transform Current Package

Use To:

  • Transform elements
  • Transform packages




See also


Indicates the individual elements to be included in the transformation



Indicates all of the elements from the list to be included in the transformation



Deselects all of the elements from the list


Include child packages

Specifies inclusion of elements in child packages of the selected package



Indicates which transformations to perform and the package each of them should be transformed to (use the (  ...  ) button to select the package in which the transformed elements are being created)


Generate Code on result

Specify whether or not to automatically generate code for transformed Classes that target code languages

Automatically generating code helps boost productivity in development

With this option selected, the first time you transform to the selected Class Enterprise Architect enables you to select a filename to generate to; subsequent transformations automatically generate any Class with a filename set


Perform Transformations on result

Specify if transformations previously done on target Classes should be automatically executed

Chaining Transformations

Intermediary File

Specify the filename of the intermediary file (if any)


Write Always

Write the intermediary file to disk


Write Now

Generate the intermediary file but do not perform the transform


Do Transform

Execute the transform command



  • When the dialog displays, all elements are selected and all transformations previously performed from any of these Classes are checked