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Context References Tab

On the Scenarios page of the element Properties dialog, the Context References tab displays a list of all elements that are either:

  • Connected to the current element by any connector, on the current diagram or another, or
  • Defined as a cross reference (or custom reference) on the current element




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This page enables you to add custom references - right-click anywhere in the list and select the Add Reference context menu option

The Select Element dialog displays, in which you can locate and select the required cross reference element or elements

For each cross reference you can also use context menu options to delete the entry in the list, or to open the Comment field so that you can add or edit comment text

For each element in the Context References list, wherever the name of that element appears in the structured specification, the name is highlighted and underlined; press ( Ctrl ) + click on the highlighted name to view the element Properties dialog

Select <Item> Dialog

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