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Diagram View

The Diagram View is the main workspace window that enables you to create and display diagrams.




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Opening a Diagram

You open a diagram by double-clicking on the diagram name in the Project Browser; you can then open further diagrams in the same way

You can also open a diagram from within an already open diagram by clicking on either hyperlinks or elements that contain other diagrams

You can open many diagrams, but you can view only one at a time


Caption Bar

Across the top of a diagram is the diagram caption bar, which includes the following:

  • Icon and text label for the diagram type
  • Diagram name
  • Date and time the diagram was created
  • Date and time the diagram was last modified
  • The current magnification (zoom) of the diagram
  • The diagram page size, in pixels
  • A drop-down arrow that lists the currently-open diagrams; click on a diagram name to switch to that diagram, or to redisplay the hidden Start Page
  • The Window 'close cross'; click on this to close the displayed diagram


Format Toolbar

Underneath the Caption Bar is the Format Toolbar, which enables you to apply a range of functions to the format and appearance of the elements in your diagram

Format Toolbar

Diagram View

Use the Diagram View to build model relationships and elements

Within the diagram, you can create new elements, drag in existing elements and generally organize the elements and relationships

Most work on elements is carried out in the Diagram View, so understanding how it works and how to manipulate elements is essential; use the example project supplied with Enterprise Architect to explore the capabilities and behavior of the Diagram View



  • You can also use the Diagram List to manipulate elements

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