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Link Document to UML Element

How To:



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Click on an element in the Project Browser, Diagram List, Package Browser, Model Search or diagram, and either:

  • Select the Element | Linked Document menu option
  • In the Notes window, click on the Linked Document icon in the toolbar
  • Press ( Ctrl+Alt+D ) or
  • Right-click and select the (Create) Linked Document option from the context menu

Alternatively, open the element Properties dialog and click on the Linked Document icon in the toolbar in the Notes field



The New Linked Document dialog displays



Select the previously-created template from which to create the document



Click on the OK button

The Linked Document editor displays

Linked Document Editor


Enter the text of the document



  • This operation is available in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions
  • When you have saved the document, an A symbol displays in the bottom right corner of the element

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