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Paste Composite Elements

When you drag a Composite element from the Project Browser onto the current diagram, Enterprise Architect prompts you to select the type of paste action to carry out with the Composite element.

(If the dialog does not display, press and hold ( Ctrl ) while dragging the element onto the diagram.)




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Pasting composite elements

Two advanced options are available for pasting Composite elements; these require the include Embedded Elements checkbox to be selected:

  1. The All Embedded Elements option, which pastes all of the Composite element's embedded elements.
  2. The Based on instance option, which pastes only the elements contained in a specific instance of the Composite element, maintaining the layout of the embedded elements.

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate instance.

For details of the other options on this dialog, see the Paste from Project Browser topic.

Paste from Project Browser