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Managing Analyzer Scripts

The Execution Analyzer window enables you to manage all scripts in the model, using the window toolbar buttons to control script tasks. Many features, such as Debugging, Testing, Profiling and Simulation, depend on and function according to how the active script has been configured.

Scripts are listed by package; packages that do not have any scripts are not included.

Each user can activate one script at any time, independent of other users of the same model; one user activating a script does not impact the currently active scripts for other users or affect the scripts available to them.

Access:    Analyzer | Execution Analyzer (Shift + F12)

Toolbar Button


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List the Analyzer windows; select and display the required window


Breakpoint and Marker Management

View the Call Stack

View the Local Variables

View Variables in Other Scopes

Inspect Process Memory

The Recording History

The Testpoints Window

Profiling Native Applications

Model Simulation

VEA - AddScript

Add new Analyzer Script

A prompt displays to browse for and select the parent package

Analyzer Script Editor

VEA - ExportScripts

Export Scripts

You can export one or more Analyzer Scripts to an XML file, which can be used to import the scripts into another model; a prompt displays for the target file name and location


VEA- ImportScripts

Import Scripts

You can import  one or more Analyzer Scripts from a previously exported XML file; a prompt displays for the source file name and location


VEA - Debug

Execute the Debug command of the active script

Setup for Debugging

VEA - Build

Execute the Build command of the active script

Add Commands

VEA - Test

Execute the Test command of the active script

Add Testing Command

VEA - Run

Execute the Run command of the active script

Add Run Command

VEA - Deploy

Execute the Deploy command of the active script

Add Deploy Command


Display the Help topic for this window


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