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System Requirements

Profiles can monitor calls in an application that is configured to be debugged in the Execution Analyzer.


Profiles can be recorded by:

  • Executing an existing Analysis script for an application, or
  • Attaching to a running process

The latter option is useful if the development application being analysed:

  • Spawns from a call from another application (such as Winword.exe)
  • Is running as a Service
  • Is best monitored at a known point of processing (e.g. after a user interaction)




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The Profiler requires an Analyzer Build & Debug script for a C, C++ or Visual Basic application that has been compiled with the Microsoft Native compiler; note that this requires a PDB file to be available

The Profiler can sample both debug and release configurations of an application, provided that the PDB file for each executable exists and is up to date


Microsoft C++ and Native (C, VB)

General Setup

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