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Recording Sequence Diagrams

This section explains how to use the Visual Execution Analyzer to record execution flow in the form of a Sequence diagram.

A Sequence diagram provides easy to understand visual information including:

  • A representation of how information is passed through a system
  • The sequence of various functions and their corresponding parameters
  • A clear view of how different Classes interact to create behavior
  • A visual overview of how data structures are used to produce results

A Sequence diagram extends traditional analysis to help identify errors in logic, explain unexpected system behavior and identify data flow inconsistencies; the Visual Execution Analyzer extends analysis through the use of a comprehensive array of reports that detail everything from state transitions through to the contents of the stack at a given time.

Access:     Analyzer | Record | Recorder

Use To:

  • Set up and control the recording of code execution
  • Interpret the results of recording
  • Generate Sequence diagrams from the recording, and moderate the contents of the diagram


Review the following topics in sequence:



An overview of how the Visual Execution Analyzer creates a visual representation of the execution of an application, outlining the functions that are being called, the types of messages being sent, the key data structures used and the relationships between different Classes

The diagram makes it much simpler to understand how information is moved throughout the system and what values are being passed by various functions

How It works

The Recording History

Diagram Features

Preparing to record execution of the application

Setup for Recording

Deploying recording markers, breakpoints and marker sets

Place Recording Markers

Controlling the recording session, using the Record & Analyze window

Control the Recording Session

Interpreting the results of a recording, saving and retrieving these results and generating a Sequence diagram from the recording

Generating Sequence Diagrams

A description of how you can generate Sequence diagrams that show transitions in state as a program executes

Reporting State Transitions


  • Recording is available to users of all editions of Enterprise Architect except the Desktop edition

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