Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Embedded Elements Submenu

The Embedded Elements submenu on the element context menu can contain the following options:

Menu Option



See also

Add Port

Add an embedded Port to the element.




Add Required Interface

Add an embedded Required Interface to the element.




Add Provided Interface

Add an embedded Provided Interface to the element.




Add Action Pin

Add an embedded Action Pin to the element.




Add Expansion Node

Add an embedded Expansion Node to the element.




Add Object Node

Add an embedded Object Node to the element.




Add Activity Parameter

Add an embedded Activity Parameter to the element.




Add Entry Point

Add an embedded Entry Point to the element.




Add Exit Point

Add an embedded Exit Point to the element.




Embedded Elements

Open the Embedded Elements window.


Embedded Elements Window


Show Realized Interfaces

Display each interface directly realized by a Class.


Show Realized interfaces of Class


Show Dependent Interfaces

Display each dependency relationship for that model element as a lollipop style node attached to its left-hand side.





Context menus vary slightly between element types, and not all menu options shown here are present on all element context menus; for example, of the Add options, only Add Port displays for a Class element