Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Add-In Search




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General Usage

Enterprise Architect enables Extensions to integrate with the Model Search. Searches can be defined that execute a method within your Add-In and display your results in an integrated way.

The method that runs the search must be structured in the following way:


variant <method name> (Rep as Repository, SearchText as String, XMLResults as String)






The currently open repository.



An optional field that you can fill in through the Model Search.



At completion of the method, this should contain the results for the search. The results should be an XML string that conforms to the Search Data Format.



Model Search

Search Data Format



The method must return a value for the results to be displayed.



Advanced Usage

In addition to the displayed results, two additional hidden fields can be passed into the XML that provide special functionality.


Returning a field of CLASSTYPE, containing the Object_Type value from the t_object table, displays the appropriate icon in the column you place the field.



Returning a field of CLASSGUID, containing an ea_guid value, enables the Model Search to track the object in the Project Browser and open the Properties window for the element by double-clicking in the Model Search.