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Control Stack Depth

When recording particularly high-level points in an application, the stack frame count can result in a lot of information being collected; to achieve a quicker and clearer picture, it is better to limit the stack depth on the toolbar of either:

The Breakpoint and Markers window or
The Record & Analyze window

Access    Analyzer | Recorder




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Set the recording stack depth in the numerical field on the toolbar of the Breakpoints & Events window or the Record & Analyze window:


By default, the stack depth is set to four frames. The maximum depth that can be entered is 30 frames.

The depth is relative to the stack level where the Debugger first encountered the recording marker; so, when recording begins, if the stack level is 6 and the stack depth is set to 3, the Debugger records the levels between 6 and 9.

For situations where the stack is very large, it is recommended that you first use a low stack depth of 2 or 3. From there you can gradually increase the stack recording depth and insert additional recording markers to expand the picture so that all the necessary information is displayed.


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