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Quick Linker

When a user is creating new elements and connectors on a diagram they can simplify the process by using the Quick Linker arrow, which displays a list of the common connectors that can issue from a selected element and a list of the common elements each connector can connect to. These lists are derived from a Quick Linker definition, which is a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format file. As part of a Profile, you can add to or replace the built-in Quick Linker definitions using your own CSV files. These files are best manipulated in a spreadsheet, which should be set up to save the file as comma-separated text without quotation marks around text fields. You integrate the definition with the Profile by adding the CSV text to a Document Artifact element on the Profile diagram.


The philosophy behind a Quick Linker definition is not to provide a complete list of valid or legal connections, but a short and convenient list of the commonest connections for the given context

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