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Hyperlink From Linked Document

Within the text of your linked document, you can create hyperlinks to other elements in the model, and to web pages, Help files, Model Searches and Team Review Forums. When you next open the linked document, you can double-click on the hyperlink to open the linked files or to locate and highlight the object in the Project Browser. You can perform all normal operations on the object, including opening any linked document that element might have.

Create hyperlinks



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Create Hyperlinks to elements

Click on the element in the Project Browser and drag it into the linked document to the position at which to create the hyperlink. The Linked Document Editor automatically creates the hyperlink, using the object name as the hyperlink text. You can edit this text if you prefer.



Highlight the link text in the linked document, right-click on it and select the Create | Link to Existing Element context menu option. The Select Classifier dialog displays, through which you browse for and select the element to link to.







Select <Item> Dialog

Create hyperlinks to other documents

Highlight the appropriate text and select the Create | Hyperlink context menu option.

The Hyperlink Details dialog displays, through which you specify the type of document to link to, and its location. When specifying the object location, you can use full paths or local (path substitution) paths.

In some cases you might not want to have normal text as the hyperlink, but the text of the link itself. In this case, do not highlight any text or, in Hyperlink Details dialog, type any link text in. The system then inserts the Address path as the link text.

In this context you do not need to provide an Alias or Notes.




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Insert Reference Links (for an alternative method of creating a hyperlink to an external document, Help file or web page)