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Insert Reference Links

Within an RTF document, you can insert two types of reference link:

A bookmark, to locate material inside the document, either from within the same document or from a separate Word document
A hyperlink, to display material held outside the document, namely an external document, Help topic or web page

Access    Select Insert from the menu bar at the top of the Document Editor window, or right-click and select Insert within either:
                 -  The Content panel of the Document Template Designer or
                 -  The text area of the document

Insert Bookmarks and Hyperlinks



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Manage bookmarks

As your RTF report template develops, the editor automatically assigns a unique bookmark to the start and end of each model section you select from the Sections panel.

You can also create your own bookmarks in any RTF document wherever you want to reference a specific point, and move these to other points in the text.

(In the RTF report template you can move the automatic bookmarks as well, but if you want to use these as reference points for a Word document to access, it is better to leave them as they are.)

To insert a bookmark:

Move the cursor to the point in the text to mark, and select the Insert | Bookmark menu option; the Bookmark dialog displays
Either select an existing bookmark from the list (to switch it to the current location) or type a new bookmark name in the top field
Click on the Insert button

To locate bookmarked text in the document:

Select the Insert | Bookmark menu option and, on the Bookmark dialog, click on the  bookmark and on the Go to button; the editor displays the point at which the bookmark was set, in the top left corner of the display

To delete an existing bookmark:

Select the Insert | Bookmark menu option and, on the Bookmark dialog, click on the  bookmark and on the Delete button

To insert a reference to a bookmark:

Move the cursor to the point at which to insert the reference and, if you want to, type some lead-in text such as "Go to page " or "See page "
Select the Insert | Bookmark menu option and, on the Bookmark dialog, click on the  bookmark and on the Set Page Reference button
The editor inserts the number of the page containing the bookmark, at the cursor position in the text; for a document, this acts as a hyperlink to the bookmark position
If you set the reference in a template, the link is created in the document you generate from the template


Setting Sections for Reporting

RTF Bookmarks

Insert hyperlinks

To insert a hyperlink, right-click on the point in the text at which to create it and select the Insert | Hyperlink context menu option; the Insert Hyperlink dialog displays.

In the Link Text field, type the text to be hyperlinked and, in the Link Code field, type or paste the:

Web page URL
Help topic file name (add the prefix $Help:/ /) or
External file path and name


To capture the help topic file name, right-click on the displayed topic, select the Properties context menu option, and copy the file name.

Click on the OK button; the hyperlinked text displays in the document. Edit the sentence to accommodate the link text.

To display the web page, help page or external document:

Linked in an RTF document, double-click on the link
Linked in a report template, compile the report and click on the hyperlink in the report


In a Team Review document, you can also insert hyperlinks to related objects in the model.
















Add Object Links