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Audit View Performance Issues

Most operations in the Audit View are affected by the volume of use of the database - both by other facilities and by auditing itself.

Some potential problems and their solutions are outlined below:



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Navigating the Project Browser Within Auditing is Slow

Try setting the time filter to a period in the immediate past, such as Today, Previous 24 Hours or Previous Week; this time period updates each time you open or refresh the Audit View.

Save log items outside the project with the Save Logs button; if you then clear the logs you have just saved, the load time of the Audit View is reduced.

You can reload logs into the project at any time, using the Load Logs button.


Audit View Controls

Auditing Settings

The Audit View is Slow in Loading and Changing Modes

Navigating the Audit Tree is Slow


Close the Audit History tab in the Output window

Audit History Tab