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In Enterprise Architect, the Project Manager can allocate the possible weighting of defined metrics to work on a given model element.

To select the element to which to allocate metric weightings, click on the required element in the Project Browser.

Access     Element | Project Management > Metrics: New

Use to

Enter the details of metrics that you might apply to work on an element

How to

To enter metric details for an element



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Select the element in the Project Browser.




Select the Project Management menu option.

The Project Management window displays, showing the Resource Allocation tab.




Click on the Metrics tab.




Click on the New icon on the Project Management window toolbar.




On the Metrics tab enter the:

Name of the metric (a short description)
Type of the metric (Mandatory: type the name or click on the drop-down arrow and select; the selection list is drawn from the global Metric Type list, but any new metrics you type in the Type field are not added to the list)
Weighting allocated to the metric
Notes on the metric (this text is also displayed in the Notes window; it cannot be edited in that window)


Metric Types



Click on the Save icon in the Project Management window toolbar.




If you select a global metric type from the Type drop-down list and the associated Weight field is empty, the default Weight value is allocated to the Weight field on the Metrics tab
To edit existing Metric items for this element, click on the required item in the:
List panel to the left of the window, in Item mode
List, in List mode
Project Management folder in the Element Browser window - if this window is not displayed, click on the Browse Element icon in the Project Management window toolbar; metric item icons have an M in the bottom right corner
Although Enterprise Architect does not currently provide detailed reports on metrics within a model, you can use the Automation Interface or similar tools to create your own custom reports based on metric information you enter

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