Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Team Development


Enterprise Architect enables you to develop a project across a team of people, so that each person can access the latest data without the risk of damaging or losing that data.




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Making project data available in a distributed environment

Enterprise Architect offers a diverse set of functionality designed specifically for sharing projects in team-based and distributed development environments; for example: network deployment of model repositories, replication and XMI Import/Export.


Project Sharing

Applying security to the model

Enterprise Architect Security is a means of improving collaborative design and development by preventing concurrent editing, and limiting the possibility of inadvertent model changes by users not designated as model authors.


User Security

Using an internal discussion forum

The  Enterprise Architect Project Team Review facility is a discussion forum within your development team community to discuss the development and progress of a project.


Team Review Tools

Building company policy and project development guidelines into the project

Enterprise Architect enables you to create workflow scripts that provide a robust approach to applying company policy and strengthening project development guidelines, by validating against the policy and procedures within the model itself.


Workflow Scripts

Standardizing and re-using project data

You can import and export Reference data (including Glossary and Issue information) from .XML files of another iteration of the same model, or of a different model.


Sharing Reference Data