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MDG Technology Language Options

If you have loaded an MDG Technology that specifies a code module into your Sparx Systems > EA > MDG Technologies folder, the language is included in the Source Code Engineering list on the Options dialog. The language is only listed on the Options dialog if an MDG Technology file actually uses it in your model.

Access     Tools | Options | Source Code Engineering | MDG




See also

Default Extension

Default extension for generated source files; shown if the option is in the technology.

This is saved per project.



Import File Extensions

Default folder to import source files from; shown if the technology supports namespaces.

This is saved once for all projects.



Generate Namespaces

Indicates if namespaces are generated or not.



Default Source Directory

The default directory to save generated source files.

This is always shown.




Indicates the editor that is used to edit source files.



Att Type

Indicates the default attribute type.




These options are set in the technology inside the <CodeOptions> tag of a code module, as follows:
<CodeOption name="DefaultExtension">.rb</CodeOption>

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