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As you develop the elements in the Specification Package, you can produce a number of documents and reports to either disseminate the information you have compiled or to extract additional information on the elements from other aspects of model development and management, that might not be immediately visible in the Specification Manager.

You can also export the data you have created to a .csv file and perhaps onwards to another tool, or import element information created outside Enterprise Architect.

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Spell-check the Package

Before generating and/or printing any information from the Specification Manager, you could run the system Spell Checker over the Specification Package to remove any errors that might exist in the element names and text.

Select the Spell Check Current Package option to display the Spell Check: <Package Name> dialog, and click on the Start button.




Using the Spell Checker

Generate documentation in report document format

Enterprise Architect provides a comprehensive report generation facility, through which you can create a range of reports on different aspects of your model. You can apply this facility to the elements of a Specification Package, to generate a report in any of these formats:


Select the Generate Documentation (RTF/PDF) option.

The Generate Documentation dialog displays, with the Root Element field set to Selected Elements (the Specification Package elements, as the target contents of the report).


Document Reports








Generate Documentation

Generate documentation in web page format (HTML)

As you develop the Specification Package elements you can publish them on the web, where the outline structure closely mirrors the Package structure and makes it very simple to explore on-line. You export the Package to web pages, where the web report provides an easy to use, highly detailed, Javascript-based structure. In addition, any hyperlinks in the elements make browsing to related information very simple.

Select the Publish as HTML option.

The Publish as HTML dialog displays, with the Specification Package name in the Package and Title fields.


Web Reports





Create a Web Report

Generate spreadsheet file  (CSV) and import from a spreadsheet

In Enterprise Architect you can import data from a spreadsheet into a Package and export element data from a Package into a .csv file.

You can perform both of these operations within the Specification Manager, to bring in an existing set of element definitions to the Specification Package or transfer the Enterprise Architect element definitions to a different location.

Select the CSV Import/Export option.

As part of either operation, you need to create a CSV Specification file.

Whilst your display might be filtered to show a specific type of element, the operations work on the Package itself and incorporate all types of element within the Package.

After you perform an import, refresh the display (press F5) to show the imported elements.






CSV Import and Export

Generate Quality Assurance and Metrics reports

Enterprise Architect provides several Quality Assurance reports for checking the development and impact of development of the elements in a Package. You can access these within the Specification Manager, so that the Specification Package is automatically the target of the report.

You can also view and adjust the metrics report should you want to monitor the impact on the project metrics of the work that the elements in the specification might entail.

Testing Details Report

Implementation Details Report

Dependency Details Report

Maintenance Report

Use Case Estimation

Estimating Project Size



In the Corporate and extended editions of Enterprise Architect, a User Security system can be applied that restricts or enables access to a range of operations and functions; if you cannot access a function in the Specification Manager, check with your System Administrator or Security Administrator to see if you have access permissions to work with that function