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Add New Packages

A Package is a container of model elements, which is represented in the Project Browser as a 'folder' icon.

·A Package holds the model building blocks, such as diagrams, elements and other Packages
·To begin developing your model, you create an initial Package to hold your first diagrams and model structures


Access    Project Browser | Right-click on parent Package | Add a Package (Ctrl+W)

Add a Package to your model

On the New Package dialog, complete the fields as instructed.



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Displays the name of the currently-selected Package or View, to which you are adding the new Package.

If this is not the required owner Package, click on the ( ... ) button and select the correct Package.




Defaults to Package1. Overtype this with the name of the new Package.



Select and Apply Model Pattern


Click on this radio button to create the new Package from a Model Pattern.


Create diagram

Click on this radio button if you want to immediately create a child diagram for the Package.



Package Only

Click on this radio button if you want to just create a Package.




Click on this button to create the Package in the Project Browser.

If you selected the Select and Apply Model Pattern radio button, the Model Wizard dialog displays. Select the appropriate Technology and select the checkbox against the Model Pattern (in the Name panel)  to import. Click on the OK button.

If you selected the Create diagram radio button, the New Diagram dialog displays. Type in a name for the diagram and click on the appropriate Technology (in the Select From panel)and diagram type. Click on the OK button.

The new Package is inserted into the Project Browser under the selected parent Package or View.



Model Wizard


New Diagrams


Click on this button to abort the changes you have made and close the dialog.




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