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Requirement Types

In a Requirement definition, the requirement is categorized according to type or function, in the Type field of the Requirement properties dialog. This helps to maintain a single set of typed requirements. You can select the appropriate Type value from a drop-down list, which initially contains the system values:

·Testing and


You can add to or replace any of these types with your own customized values.

Access     Project | Settings | Project Types | General Types > Requirement

Customize Requirement Types



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Type the name of the requirement.




Type a short description of the requirement.




Type a weighting to apply to the requirement type.




Clears the dialog fields so that you can define a new requirement type.




Saves the requirement type details and adds it to the Defined Requirement Types list.




Deletes a selected requirement type from the Defined Requirement Types list.



Defined Requirement Types


Lists the currently available requirement types.



·You can transport these requirement types between models, using the Export Reference Data and Import Reference Data menu options

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