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View All User Permissions

When a user has been set up on the system with their appropriate access permissions, you can periodically monitor their list of permissions to verify what they are able to do and check that their profile is up to date. The access permissions shown are derived from their individual profile and from their membership of security groups.

Access     Project | Security | Manage Users

Display the permissions assigned to a user ID



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On the Security Users dialog, select the user ID in the Users list so that the details display in the User Details panel.




Click on the View All button.

The All user permissions dialog displays, listing all permissions available on the system.




Scroll through the list. The user has all access permissions for which the checkbox is selected, and does not have the permissions for which the checkbox is clear.




·You must have Security - Manage Users permission to maintain users; the initial Admin administrator and Administrators group automatically have this permission
·You can select and deselect checkboxes on the All user permissions dialog, but you cannot save these changes; if you want to edit the user's access permissions, click on the Cancel button and on the Single Permissions button

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