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View and Manage Locks

When security is enabled, users lock and unlock model elements in order to work on them, which can require monitoring and control. You can periodically view and, if necessary, delete the active locks placed on elements by users.

Access     Project | Security | Manage Locks

Manage user locks



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On the Active Locks dialog, in the View Locks For panel, click on the radio button for the type of lock to view.

·Groups Only
·Users Only


Locks of the selected type are listed in the Active Locks panel.




To remove a lock, click on it and click on the Unlock Selected button.

You can select (and deselect) multiple locks by pressing Ctrl as you click on each one, or Shift as you click on the last block in a range.

You can also select all locks in the list by clicking on the Select All button, and clear that selection by clicking on the Select None button (or by clicking off the list).




When you have finished reviewing the locks, click on the Close button to close the dialog.




·You must have Security - Manage Locks permission to view and delete user locks; the initial Admin administrator and Administrators group automatically have this permission
·The Active Locks dialog does not currently show any Full locks set in the model
·If you want to display the resulting information in a more readable layout, you can resize the dialog and its columns


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