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Web Reports








Virtual Documents




Document Templates

One click generation of RTF and PDF style documents.


Deploy your project via the internet or intranet for quick and easy team communication.

Bring your reports to life with up to the second charts and graphs from your model

Customize your reports at a model level by defining your report structure and content via a diagram

Tailor your reports to give them your own unique corporate look and feel. Ensuring all documentation looks the same.





As you develop your models in Enterprise Architect, you will want to report on, review and disseminate information on a number of aspects of the model through both online and printed documentation. Enterprise Architect provides a powerful mechanism for generating high quality, customized documentation directly from the model, in document format or web page format.

Report Generation Facilities



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Specifying Content

There are many ways to specify the model content being documented; you can:

·Document a Package and/or its child Packages by manually highlighting the Package and selecting a documentation control
·Specify embedded Packages for exclusion if child Packages are recursively documented
·Generate your documentation using a range of system-provided templates that support many different aspects of your model, or develop your own, customized templates to meet your specific requirements
·Use system-provided or user-customized Stylesheets, Tables of Contents and Cover Pages to further tailor individual reports or sets of reports, independent of the template used
·Link a Package to a document template to simplify generating consistent types of documentation (for example, Use Case reports) using the Resource Documents feature
·Select, group and order Packages in a different organization from the Project Browser by creating 'Virtual' Documents, either linked through a master document with headers, footers and contents list, or as separate individual documents



Generate Documents

Exclude Package From Report


Document Templates


Generate Documentation


Save As Document


Virtual Documents

Document Reports

You can generate Document reports in a number of document formats, which you can tailor using templates and Stylesheets to alter the content and appearance of the generated output.

Enterprise Architect has a fully-featured document generator that features:

·Powerful WYSIWYG template editor support
·An easy-to-use document generator
·An embedded viewer that enables you to view documents generated within the system


Using Virtual Documents, you can draw out information on structurally separate model elements in a set of individual reports, or in a combined report under a master document with common headers, footers and styles.


Document Reports


Generate Documents

Design Custom Document Templates




Virtual Documents


System Reports

You can also generate a number of system-provided reports on different aspects of your model, such as the elements in a Package in Implementation relationships or in Dependency relationships.


System Documents

Web Documentation

It is possible to provide automated web-based publishing of your Enterprise Architect models, making it simple to explore large models efficiently on-line.

You can export an entire model or a single branch of the model to Web pages, and also create web style templates to customize the web page output.


Web Reports


You can capture statistical information on a range of element properties across the model, and display this information on a diagram in one of several formats, such as a pie chart, bar chart or 3-D column chart.  You can also print and distribute the charts you have created, using the standard Diagrams Only Report facility.




Diagrams Only Report

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