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Software Engineering





Development Tools





Code, Build and Debug




Visual Analysis of

Executing Code





Generate Source Code





Importing Source Code


Discover the tightly Integrated Development Environment with outstanding tools and functionality

Model, develop, debug, profile and manage an application from within the modeling environment.

Understand your code base by visually analyzing running code. Utilize test points, profiling, automated diagram generation

Explore some of the ways to generate source code for a single class, a selection of classes, or a whole Package. Generate from structural or behavioral models.

Examine existing systems by importing source code into Enterprise Architect. View and modify dialog definitions. Synchronize the model with the latest updates to source code.








Software Engineering is the process of designing, implementing and maintaining software.  This section describes how Enterprise Architect can assist in this process by providing a design environment and tools including automated code generation, reverse engineering of source code and synchronization between the source code and model.




Software Design

GoF Patterns


Development Environment

Development Tools

Code Build & Debug

MDG Integration and Code Engineering


Generate Source Code

Generate Source Code


Importing Source Code

Importing Source Code


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·Database Engineering is also available, including keys, triggers, constraints, RI and other relational database features, for and from a range of database products
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