Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


The Edit menu provides a range of functions to apply to diagram elements for the currently open diagram.

Menu Option & Function Keys

Use to

Undo  [Ctrl]+[Z]

Undo the last action performed; note that some actions cannot be undone.

Redo  [Ctrl]+[Y]

Re-apply the last undone action.

Copy  [Ctrl]+[C]

  1. Copy the selected elements to the MS Windows clipboard. To paste the selected elements, see the Paste Elements submenu.
  2. Copy an image of the selected elements to the clipboard. If no elements are selected, the entire diagram is copied.

The image can be saved as a bitmap or a metafile; you set the format on the Options dialog.

Add to Project Clipboard

Add the current element to the Enterprise Architect clipboard.

Clear Project Clipboard

Clear any elements from the Enterprise Architect clipboard.

Paste Element(s)

Paste clipboard elements into current diagram. See the Paste Elements submenu.

Select All

Select all elements concurrently on the current diagram.

Select By Type

Specify a particular type of element to select.

Clear Selection

Deselect all elements.

Model Search  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[A]

Display the Model Search window, to search for particular phrases or words.

File Search

Display the File Search window, to search for text in code files and scripts.

Bookmark Selected

Bookmark the selected element(s). If the selected element is already bookmarked, this option removes the bookmark.

Clear All Bookmarks

Clear bookmarks from any bookmarked elements in the current diagram.

Delete Selected Element(s)

Delete the selected element from the diagram.