Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Manage Bookmarks

A bookmark is a visual clue that something is different about an element; you can assign whatever meaning to the bookmark as is appropriate to your model.

You bookmark a selected element in a diagram by pressing [Shift]+[Spacebar], or by selecting the Edit | Bookmark Selected menu option. The bookmark is represented by a small red triangle that displays above the element in the diagram.


You clear the bookmark by clicking on the element and pressing [Shift]+[Spacebar] again, or by selecting the Edit | Bookmark Selected menu option again.


The Model Search window also enables searching based on bookmarked elements.

Bookmark Multiple Elements

You can also bookmark all elements in a folder (and their children) using the Manage Bookmarks dialog. Right-click on the parent package in the Project Browser and select the Bookmarks context menu option.


This dialog enables you to automatically bookmark elements that have new changes or defects defined in the Maintenance window, or test scripts defined in the Testing window. This is useful to highlight elements that have additional project information.

To clear all elements of bookmarks:

  • In the current package tree, click on the Clear All button on the Manage Bookmarks dialog
  • In the current diagram, select the Edit | Clear All Bookmarks menu option.

You should reload the project to show the new or cleared bookmarks ([Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F11]).