Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.


Use the Project menu for tasks related to the management of your project, such as recording issues, setting estimation parameters and compiling a glossary.

Menu Option & Function Keys

Use to

Add Package  [Ctrl]+[W]

Create a new package.

Add Diagram  [Ctrl]+[Insert]

Create a new diagram in the current package.

Add Element  [Ctrl]+[M]

Create a new element on the current diagram.


See Documentation Submenu.

Source Code Engineering

See Source Code Engineering Submenu.

Execution Analyzer

See Execution Analyzer Submenu.

Database Engineering

See Database Engineering Submenu.


See Model Transformations Submenu.

Model Validation

See Model Validation Submenu.

Web Services

See Web Services Submenu.

XML Schema

See XML Schema Submenu.


See Security Submenu.

Version Control

See Version Control Submenu.


See Import/Export Submenu.

Manage Baselines  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[B]

Store a model branch as a snapshot or baseline. Available in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions.

Use Case Metrics

Set Use Case Metrics to assist in estimating project size.

Project Statistics

View some basic project statistics.