Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Create Elements

Elements within a model are typically arranged on diagrams to visually communicate the relationships between a given set of elements. Enterprise Architect provides simple mechanisms for creating elements in the model, using diagrams or the Project Browser.

Create Elements on a Diagram

The fastest and simplest way to create elements directly on a diagram is to press [Spacebar] or [Insert] on the diagram. This displays a list of elements and connectors that mirrors the current Toolbox pages; usually these are the most appropriate elements and connectors for the diagram.


You can display and select from a longer list of elements by clicking on the Other option.

The following topics describe other approaches for creating elements on a diagram:


If you are creating several elements of one type, after creating the first just press [Shift]+[F3] or [Ctrl]+click to create the next element of that type.

Re-Use Existing Elements

Be aware that once you have created elements, you can re-use them by dragging them from the Project Browser and dropping them onto your diagrams.

Add Elements Directly to a Package

Sometimes it is useful to add elements to a package, without a diagrammatic representation. This can be accomplished via the Project Browser window and is explained in the following topic:

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