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Collaboration Occurrence


Use a Collaboration Occurrence to apply a pattern defined by a Collaboration to a specific situation, in a Composite Structure diagram.

The following example uses an occurrence, NWServer, of the Collaboration Install, to define the installation process of a network scanner. This process can be defined by an interaction attached to the Collaboration. (See the Collaboration topic for a representation of the Install Collaboration.)


To create a Collaboration Occurrence, drag the required Collaboration from the Project Browser onto the diagram and, on the Paste Element dialog, select the Paste as Link radio button.

OMG UML Specification

The OMG UML specification (UML Superstructure Specification, v2.1.1, p. 173) refers to a Collaboration Occurrence as a Collaboration Use, and states:

A collaboration use represents one particular use of a collaboration to explain the relationships between the properties of a classifier. A collaboration use shows how the pattern described by a collaboration is applied in a given context, by binding specific entities from that context to the roles of the collaboration. Depending on the context, these entities could be structural features of a classifier, instance specifications, or even roles in some containing collaboration. There may be multiple occurrences of a given collaboration within a classifier, each involving a different set of roles and connectors. A given role or connector may be involved in multiple occurrences of the same or different collaborations.