Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Import MDG Technologies


This method of importing MDG Technologies into the Resources window is available but not recommended. If you use this method, the MDG Technology Toolbox pages, Tasks Pane, Project Browser icons and model templates are not available.

It is now recommended that you reference technologies directly from the Enterprise Architect install directory on your hard drive, or from remote file locations and web sites.

To import an MDG Technology you must have a suitable MDG Technology XML file. If the MDG Technology includes references to any metafiles, they should be in the same directory as the MDG Technology XML file.

An imported MDG Technology is available only within the model into which it has been imported, not in every model you have in Enterprise Architect. To make the MDG Technology available across all your models, download it into the Enterprise Architect install directory.

Import an MDG Technology

To import an MDG Technology, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Tools | Import Technology menu option. The Import Technology dialog displays.
  2. In the Filename field, type the path and filename of the MDG Technology file to import, or browse for it using the [ ... ] button.


When you enter the filename, the MDG Technology name displays in the Technology field and the option checkboxes become available. Any options that remain grayed out indicate that no examples of that type exist in the MDG Technology XML file.

  1. All option checkboxes default to selected. Clear those against resources you do not want to import, and leave selected the checkbox against each of the resources to import. Leave selected:
  • Patterns, to import patterns, if they exist
  • Images, to import graphics
  • Profiles, to import profiles, if they exist
  • Element Size, to import the element size attributes
  • Alternate Image, to import the metafile image
  • Tagged Values, to import Tagged Values
  • Color and Appearance, to import the color (background, border and font) and appearance (border thickness) attributes
  • Code Modules, to import the various languages associated with the technology, if they exist
  • Data Types, to import the data types
  • Code Templates, to import the code templates, if they exist
  • Code Options, to import the options that include items such as default file extensions and default file paths.
  1. Click on the Import button.

If the MDG Technology already exists, Enterprise Architect displays a prompt to overwrite the existing version and import the new one.

Once the import is complete, the MDG Technology is listed in the MDG Technologies folder of the Resources window and in the MDG Technologies dialog.