Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Generate RTF Documentation Dialog


For an introduction to generating RTF documentation, see RTF Documents.

The Generate RTF Documentation dialog enables you to set the exact contents and look and feel of your report.


Each tab of the dialog offers a number of RTF document generation options, as described in the following sections:

  • Generate Tab (see below)

When you have worked through these tabs and set the options you require, return to the Generate tab and click on the Generate button to produce your report.


If you have never selected the Optimize for Open Office checkbox, the document generator prompts you to confirm which document style you want to adopt - Microsoft Office or Sun Open Office. Once you have made a selection in this prompt, the document generator always acts on the status of the checkbox and does not display the prompt again.

Generate Tab Options

The Generate tab of the dialog has the following fields:


Use to

Model Document


Root Element
Root Package

Confirm the name of the element selected from the Project Browser, Element List or Model Search.

If this is the specially-created model document element for a Virtual Document, the field is Model Document.

Otherwise, this field identifies the selected element of the hierarchy to be reported on; that is, the Root Element or Root Package.

Output to File

Type or select the location and filename for the generated documentation. The [ ... ] (Browse) button enables you to navigate to the location.

Use Template

Type or select the name of the RTF template to apply to document generation. You can select either a standard template (enclosed in parentheses) or a user-generated template.

The standard templates include the following:


Use Language Substitutions

Switch custom language word substitutions on.

Deselect to switch custom language word substitutions off.

View Document On Completion

Open the document as soon as it has been generated.

Use Internal Viewer

Enable the View button to launch the generated RTF Documentation in the Enterprise Architect internal viewer.

Deselect to enable the View button to launch the generated RTF Documentation in the MS Windows default RTF file viewer.


If you use Open Office as your default document editor, you must select the Overwrite Document Fields checkbox in the document options in order to show field value text. Open Office defaults to showing field codes only, and you cannot toggle to the field values.

Include all Diagram Elements in Report

Include elements in the report from external packages that are referenced from a diagram, for every diagram covered by the report. Defaults to selected. The Package.Diagram.Element or Package.Element checkbox must be selected in the current template.

If external elements are to be included only for selected diagrams, deselect this checkbox and select the Document each contained element in RTF checkbox in the diagram properties for each required report.

When both options are deselected, or when neither of the Package.Diagram.Element or Package.Element checkboxes are selected in the template, only elements in the current package are documented.

Optimize for Open Office

Generate reports where diagrams are adjusted for clean rendering in Sun Open Office. The option also overwrites the value fields defined in a document section with the actual value text. If you open a generated report in Word, you can format the text but you cannot display the original field code.

If the checkbox is deselected, diagrams displayed in Open Office are less distinct. Value fields remain and are populated with the appropriate values; when you display a generated report in Word, you can right-click on the field and toggle between the value text and the field code.


If you use Open Office as your text editor, you must select this checkbox to show the field values. Open Office defaults to showing the field codes only, and you cannot toggle to the field values.


Generate the document (after you have set all the options you require, on all tabs of the dialog).


Launch the generated RTF Documentation in the MS Windows default RTF file viewer, or in the Enterprise Architect internal viewer if you have selected the Use Internal Viewer checkbox.

Edit Template

Edit the currently-named template using the RTF Style Template Editor.

You can only edit user-defined templates, not the standard templates provided with Enterprise Architect. Standard template names are enclosed in parentheses.

Resource Document

Save the current options as a document definition.


Cancel report generation.