Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Add Content

The RTF Style Template Editor uses pairs of tags to define the layout of the documentation content. To insert a pair of model component tags into the Content section of the Editor, use the Sections panel of the RTF Style Template Editor.

The beginning of a model component is represented by a yellow highlighted sectionname > tag; the end of the model component is represented by < sectionname.

To add model component content, right-click in the area between the opening and closing tags. This displays a context menu that enables you to:

  • perform simple text editing (cut, copy and paste)
  • select from a list of defined Project Constants to insert at the cursor position; if no project constants have been defined, the menu option is not available
  • select from a context-sensitive list of fields to add to this component section of the RTF Documentation; any additional information entered between the tags is also included in the generated RTF Documentation.

For example, in the connector> section shown below, the user has right-clicked in the fourth column of the table, underneath the <constraint tag. They can then select to add another field to the Notes on each connector listed in the table.



If you select a field with short date format (such as Pkg.DateCreatedShort, Diagram.DateModifiedShort or Element.DateCreatedShort) the format is actually drawn from the MS Windows settings. To use a different short date format, click on the Start icon on the Windows desktop and select the Control Panel | Regional and Language Options | Customize option.

The valueOf Field

For certain sections, you can add a field to capture a special characteristic of a model component, as defined by a specific Tagged Value. This is the valueOf field, shown in the list for a connector section in the above graphic. The sections that provide the valueOf field are:

  • Package
  • Element
  • Connector
  • Attribute
  • Operation
  • External Requirement.

When you select the valueOf field from the context menu, the template editor prompts you to specify the tag (Tagged Value) from which to extract the value for the report output. This tag should be one of the tags associated with the model component, such as ConnectorAltName for a connector. When you provide the tag name, the template editor adds the field at the cursor position, in the format:

{Connector.valueOf(tagname)}                  for example: {Connector.valueOf(ConnectorAltName)}

For clarity, you could type some lead-in text or the meaning of the Tagged Value immediately preceding the value field; for example:

Alternative Name: {Connector.valueOf(ConnectorAltName)}