Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Introducing the Visual Execution Analyzer


With the Visual Execution Analyzer, you can create and store custom scripts that specify how to build, test, run and deploy code associated with a package. You can investigate and manipulate the output of the debug process. The Analyzer also includes an Execution Profiler, which enables you to determine how the functions in an application are called and executed.

You access the Visual Execution Analyzer using the Project | Execution Analyzer menu option, or the context menu of the required package in the Project Browser. These menus provide a number of options to facilitate debugging, such as setting recording options or breakpoints.

The Visual Execution Analyzer can be used to:

  • Optimize existing system resources and understand resource allocation
  • Ensure that the system is following the rules as designed
  • Produce high quality documentation that more accurately reflects system behavior
  • Understand how and why systems work
  • Train new employees in the structure and function of a system
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of how existing code works
  • Identify costly or unnecessary function calls
  • Illustrate interactions, data structures and important relationships within a system
  • Trace problems to a specific line of code, system interaction or event
  • Visualize why a sequence of events is important
  • Establish the sequence of events that occur immediately prior to system failure.