Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

The Start Page

The Start Page provides some useful navigation tools and jumping off points when you first open Enterprise Architect - including the recent files list, commands to create or copy projects, connect to repository servers and useful Help topics to get you started. Links to online resources and to the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect  Community website can also help you get up to speed and explore the possibilities of Enterprise Architect.

If you have no projects of your own to open yet, open the EAExample project or use the QuickStart Tutorial to create a project to explore.




See Also


Locate an object in Enterprise Architect; type the name of the object in this field and click on the ( ... ) button

Enterprise Architect displays the results of the search on the Model Search screen

Click on an item in the search results to highlight it in the Project Browser

Model Search

Project Browser

Open a Project File

Display the Select Enterprise Architect Project to Open dialog, which you use to open an existing project (where you have more project files than can be listed in the Recent panel)

Open a Project

Create a New Project

Save a new project and open the Model Wizard dialog

Create a New Project

Model Wizard dialog

Copy a Base Project

Select a different Base Project to generate a new project from

Copy a Base Project

Connect to Server

Specify a Data Source name to connect to; the supported repositories are listed on the right

This feature is available in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions

Connect to Server


SQL Server

Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g



Adaptive Server Anywhere

Access 2007

Progress OpenEdge

Getting Started

Open the Learning Center, to display useful topics and guides for various areas of work in Enterprise Architect

Learning Center

Configure Options

Display the Help on the Options dialog, which enables you to define how Enterprise Architect displays and processes information.

Options dialog

Online Resources & Tutorials

Open the Resources page of the Sparx Systems website, which provides access to a wide range of Enterprise Architect and UML tutorials, demonstrations, examples, Add-Ins and advice

The Web Browser

Enterprise Architect Community

Access the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site, which contains a range of articles, discussions, tools and resources provided by both Sparx Systems and the Enterprise Architect user community

You must register to use the facilities of the site; you can also register as an author and submit material yourself, for others to read and use

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Community Site


Select from a list of hyperlinks to the most recently used Enterprise Architect projects (both .EAP files and DBMS connections)

If necessary, you can remove the hyperlink to a project from this list

Remove Recent Projects


  • If your model has a default diagram set, that diagram opens immediately, hiding the Start Page; you can still access the Start Page from the diagram tabs below the diagram
  • If you have set a shortcut view profile, that overrides the default diagram setting
  • You can also hide the Start Page, and show it again, by de-selecting and selecting the Window | Show Start Page option; the setting persists though shut down and restart, until you specifically change the option again

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