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Local Options


There are many options for customizing how Enterprise Architect displays and works with models and model elements. This topic describes those settings that are local to a particular user and machine.

Most of these settings are stored in your registry so they are set for your use only. For a networked workplace, registry settings can be copied down to any network workstation you log in to. Otherwise, the settings are valid for the current machine only.

Access:     Tools | Options

Select the required page of options by clicking on the appropriate category name in the left hand list on the dialog. For information on the options on a specific page, select the appropriate page title link below.



See also

General Options

Set options that define how Enterprise Architect operates as a whole


Standard colors of objects

Define the display and background colors of objects and properties across Enterprise Architect

Standard Colors

Diagram actions

Configure overall options for new diagrams and general diagram behavior


Diagram appearance

Define how diagrams and their contents appear on display

Diagram Appearance

Diagram behavior

Define how a diagram responds to actions taken on it

Diagram Behavior

Options for Sequence diagrams

Configure various font settings and the focus of the control indicator for Sequence diagrams

Diagram Sequence

Object appearance

Configure how elements look and respond in diagrams


Link or Connector appearance

Define options for the creation, behavior and notation of connectors


Colors of communication messages

Configure the colors used in Communication diagrams

Communication Message Colors

XML Specification options

Configure various settings for working with XML

XML Specifications

Source code engineering options

Set general options that apply to all languages when generating code from Enterprise Architect, including the default language in which to generate code

Source Code Engineering

DDL and code editors

Configure options for Enterprise Architect's internal editor, and for the default editor for DDL scripts

Code Editors

Constructor/Destructor options

Configure options for Object Lifetimes

Object Lifetimes

Attribute and Operation specifications

Configure Attribute and Operation specifications






Code language specifications





Define how Enterprise Architect handles a particular language when generating code, including the default source directory and the default editor for a specific code language












Visual Basic