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Language Substitution

The Codepage tab of the Generate RTF Documentation dialog enables you to define languages other than English for direct substitution into RTF documentation.

If you export RTF-format documents from Enterprise Architect in languages other than English, you can customize the codepage, default language ID and character set that Enterprise Architect uses when generating RTF. This makes it much easier to generate documentation appropriate to your country or locale.

How To:



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From the drop-down lists in the Language, Codepage and Charset fields, select the language, codepage and character set that most closely match your location



If required, modify the Substitute Tag by double-clicking on each and manually setting the value (for advanced use only)



To clear the substitution list, double-click on each item in turn and delete the substitute value

Now when you generate RTF documents, the substitute tags are used in the output



  • You can transport these tag definitions between models, using the Export Reference Data and Import Reference Data options

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