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RTF Style Template Editor

The RTF Style Editor enables you to create and edit custom RTF templates to define output RTF documentation associated with various sections of the RTF Report facility in Enterprise Architect. You typically use this facility to customize the look and feel of a report for your company or client.

Access:     View | More Project Tools | Project Resources > (one of the following folders) Templates, Document Templates, System or Model : View/Modify




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You select particular model components and specify, from the component type, the fields to include in the generated document

You can define formatting styles in the RTF Style Template Editor, and add a range of items such as tables of contents or headers to the document

For information regarding specific commands to alter the format of the RTF documentation, see the entries under the RTF Style Template Editor Options topic

Selecting Components for Recording

RTF Style Template Editor Options


  • You can transport these RTF templates between models, using the Export Reference Data and Import Reference Data options
  • You can also access this in alternative ways, by:
  • Selecting to edit the current template on the Generate tab of the Generate RTF Documentation dialog
  • Selecting to edit a style template on the Templates tab of the Generate RTF Documentation dialog

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