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Workbench Setup

This topic describes the requirements for setting up the Object Workbench on Java and Microsoft .NET.

Access:    Analyzer | Execution Analyzer | double-click on script | Debug | Workbench




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Platforms Supported

The Workbench supports the following workbench platforms:

  • Microsoft .NET (version 2.0 or later) excluding native C++, C and VB
  • Java (JDK 1.4 or later)

The Execution Analysis script for the package must have a debugger configured



Setup for Debugging

Microsoft .NET Workbench

The .NET workbench requires an assembly, which is used to create the workbench items

You specify the path to the assembly on the Workbench page of the Analyzer Script

There are two constraints in using the .NET workbench:

  • Members defined as struct in managed code are not supported
  • Classes defined as internal are not supported

General Setup for .NET

Java Workbench

The Java workbench uses the Virtual Machine settings configured in the Analyzer Script Debug page to create the JVM

General Setup for Java

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