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Add Packages to Model Document

How to

To add packages to your Model Document element, follow the steps below.

(As the example Model Document element here is called ShoppingCartDocumentation, the steps indicate how to add shopping cart-related packages to the element.)



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Keeping the documentation diagram open, find a package in the Project Browser to add to the documentation; for example, a Resources package in a Dynamic view.




Drag and drop the package from the Project Browser onto the Model Document element, as shown below:




The title of the package displays in the Model Document element in the Attributes compartment, as shown below:

This means that the Resources package is included in the document when you generate it.




Using the above method, you can add as many packages from as many different views as required.

The next step is to generate your document in RTF or HTML, but consider the impact of your package list on the Document Order; you can also delete packages if required.

Generating RTF Documents

Generating a Master Document - HTML

Document Order

Delete Packages from a Model Document

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