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Section Numbering in Virtual Documents

Virtual documents can contain several sections based on separate templates. To ensure that section and subsection numbering continues sequentially through the sections, you can either use:

The MasterList style from the Normal.rtf file (which is the default applied to all new templates, such as those used in each Master Document and Model Document element); this provides a simple but consistent list numbering style that you can start off with. Alternatively, use:
Your own numbering style


If you design your own styles in the template used in each model document, each template must use the same List Overrides for section numbering.  These have a unique ID, so to propagate the List Overrides across multiple templates, you must:



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Set up the common List Overrides in the Normal.rtf  template (your own customized override list).




Within each of the other templates used in the virtual document, using the template editor, select File | Update Styles to update the templates to include the common List Overrides.


File and Print Options


In each template use this common List Level for progressive numbering throughout the virtual document.



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