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Getting Started

When you run a Profiling session, almost every option you might need is available from the Profiler window toolbar. You can, for example, initiate the profiling session, attach to an already-running process, pause and resume profiling, stop the session, generate and view the Profile report or load a previously-generated report. You can also set Profiler options to modify the operation of the Profiler.

Access    Analyzer | Profiler

Toolbar Options



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Set Profiler options, using a drop-down menu; the options are:

Attach to Running Process - attach to and profile a process that is already running
Load Report from Disk - load and display a previously-generated report from an XML disk file
Analyzer Scripts ( Shift+F12 ) - display the Execution Analyzer window to enable creation or editing of scripts and debug configuration
Start Sampling Immediately - begin sample collection immediately upon either process start (main thread entry point executed) or attachment of process by the Profiler
Capture Debug output - capture any appropriate debug output and redirect it to the Enterprise Architect Output window
Stop Process on Exit - select to terminate the target process when the Profiler is stopped







Analyzer Scripts


(When an application is configured for the package) create the Profiler process, which launches the configured application.


Managing Scripts

profsample ProfsampleOn

When the application is running, pause and resume sample capture.

Pausing sampling enables the Report and Discard Data buttons.




Stop the Profiler process; if any samples have been collected, the Report button is enabled.




Set the interval, in milliseconds, at which samples are taken of the target process; the range of possible values is 1 - 250.


Setting Options


Generate a report on the current number of samples collected.




Discard the collected data.




Display the Help topic for this window.



Learning Center topics

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