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Create Toolbox Profiles

As a facility of your MDG Technology, you might want to provide Diagram Toolbox pages that give access to any elements and connectors that you have created within the technology. You define these Toolbox pages within specific Profiles, each Profile defining the element and connector Toolbox pages that open or can be selected for a diagram type.

Create custom Toolboxes



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Create a set of Toolbox Profiles that contain the definitions required to generate the Toolbox pages.


Create Toolbox Profiles


Edit the definitions, where appropriate, to:

Include hidden sub-menus
Override the default Toolboxes
Change the default icons for Toolbox items


Create Hidden Sub-menus

Override Default Toolboxes

Assign Icons to Toolbox Items



Create a .MTS file containing instructions on how to build your MDG Technology, and include the Toolbox Profiles in the technology.

Create MDG Technologies

Add a Toolbox Profile