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Set Up Technology Element Images

As you define the elements available for use in your technology, you might want to represent those elements with graphical images that will be displayed on the diagrams the users create through the technology, when it is deployed in the users' model.

Capture images to represent MDG Technology elements



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Display the Image Manager and, using the Add New button, import suitable images into the MDG Technology development model from their source locations.


Image Manager


Design and create a Stereotype (UML) Profile containing (if appropriate) a stereotype definition for each element or connector to be owned by the technology.

These stereotype definitions can contain Shape Scripts that in turn incorporate the imported images.

Stereotype (UML) Profile

Shape Scripts

Drawing Methods



Design and create a Toolbox Profile with stereotype elements that contain an attribute for each element or connector that can be dropped onto a diagram from the toolbox.

These attributes identify the name of the technology element or connector, any modifying stereotype (which might incorporate the required image) and the UML or Extended element or connector on which the technology object is based.

For example:




SysML is the Technology Profile
UML::Class is the UML element used as the base, and
Block is the stereotype that modifies the Class to turn it into a SysML Block element


Toolbox Profiles


Design and create a Diagram Profile that identifies the Toolbox Profile.

When a diagram of the type defined in the Diagram Profile is opened, it in turn opens a set of toolbox pages as defined by the Toolbox Profile.


Diagram Profiles


Create or update the technology as required, adding the UML Profile, Diagram Profile, Toolbox Profile and Image files to the technology from the development model.

Creating MDG Technologies

Adding UML Profile

Adding Diagram Profile

Adding Toolbox Profile

Adding Image Files



Deploy the technology as appropriate.

When a user applies the technology to their own model, and creates a diagram under that technology, the elements they create on the diagram should be represented by the images you assigned to those elements when you created the technology.


Deploy an MDG Technology


It is recommended that if you create a Shape Script incorporating an MDG Technology image (step 2), you should use the fully qualified image name to avoid conflicts with images used in other technologies
You would probably work backwards and forwards through the steps many times, adding objects as you identify the requirement for them